The beginning of the end

Last few weeks. I have not been updating, because everything has been pretty busy, and I have not felt like myself for some time. This internship has taken a toll on me, and now that I have finally all school tasks sorted out, I can think and breathe clear again.

Going back to beginning of last month. I had to find another place to live, since the house sitting me and my friend had been doing couldn't go on. Sadly for us, the owners came back and we had to move. I was able to find a room rent through a Finnish contact here in London, and the move went quite swiftly! (thank you Pia!!)

Just before I moved though, I took a weekend visit back to Finland. My family was extremely happy to see me again after a few months, and I was really enjoying my free time back home. It was quite snowy and completely different from the already warm-ish... weather in London. A nice change though.

Me and a nice coworker of mine got this brilliant idea, that we could do a two week workout camp after wor…

Mostly halfway there once again!

Once again the time has flown, and themidway post point is more or less here! London is always so good to me, and keeps surprising me. Even though I have been feeling more down lately, I am still where I want to be! Also I have my tv-series with me, and supportive people to keep me going!

I went to visit the Royal Albert Hall during the BAFTAs. It was a cool experience, all the famous people I see in the movies walking down the red carpet. I have so much respect to these artists, and what the movies tell me. Even though there was a barrier between me and the carpet, it was an experience I wouldn't trade away. The memory will give me power in the future to reach out for what I want!

My workplace had some free tickets for a musical, I was lucky enough to get one from an amazing co-worker! Even if I know now that this work will not be something I want to pursue later on, it has given me a lot of thoughts and bits I can use to work on my arts. I appreciate the chance, and will keep work…

Here I go again

Back in London!

It has been about a month now since I have been back. The city feels just as amazing as it did before! Nothing that special has been going on yet, apart from running around in London and spending alone time at home with my computer games, me and my friend have had some dinner parties with her classmates. They are such great people! The days are feeling like a blur, going past really fast and I can't believe it has already been a month. Thank you London, it is amazing to be back!

This time I have not been taking that many proper pictures, but I will get back to it!

And I'm back!

So, I am back in London. I will be doing another internship here, actually in the same building as last spring. I was offered a place upstairs in Angela Shanley Associates. I am so glad to be back, and it has been amazing so far! I will be looking forward to this spring and all the opportunities it will bring. Until next post~!

That one last post

So the internship has officially came to an end. The last two months have practically flown by, I have gotten to know so many amazing people and so many lovely things have happened to me here. I will be flying back to Finland tomorrow, and I wanted to make the last post about what has happened in the last few weeks.

My normal weekdays have been quite uneventful recently, but the weekends have been busier. I had a free weekend before I had more friends visiting me, so I spent the weekend with a friend in Eastbourne. I took a train from Victoria, and gladly I did not have to change a train since it went straight to where I was heading. My friend has been living in England since she was 9 years old, so she knew the area and was able to tell some nice bits of history here and there. I was also overjoyed when she asked me to do some modeling for her. It was amazing to walk the streets, just enjoying the sunny but windy weather and finding good locations for photographing. Eastbourne was re…

Ooooooo we're half way there...

Time has really flown by, I could almost call this the half way point. Things have been more or less uneventful apart from another friend of mine being here, so I will make the post mostly about that.

A week and a half ago my friend arrived here and as I had to work, she went to explore London on her own at first. After we met with one of my teachers and another intern from my school, just to catch up with how things have been here. A couple days later the teacher came to my workplace and we went through the necessary paperwork. It did help me a great deal, now I know what I need to fill in!

My friend did not mind the slightest that she had so much time on her own. Friday came fairly quick and that evening we walked up and down Oxford Street, seeing if we could find any clothing or shoes. Nothing actually came up so we made a plan to visit the enormous Victoria's Secret shop. Even if we did not buy anything, the store was made to look very posh and was worth seeing regardless. Aft…

There is no place like London~

Time for an update! It has been a really busy few weeks, starting my internship has gone well and being in London has been pretty amazing all in all. Looking for a place to stay has not been easy, and that is something I actually mentally prepared for.

When I first got to London, I had one dear friend with me for first couple of days. It was like a mini-vacation before the internship actually started and my friend also came to some apartment viewings with me. She really helped with taking the edge off of actually moving to London for couple of months, and we did some sightseeing as a tourist should~

So the internship started a few weeks ago. It was a big change to suddenly start talking in english in a professional environment, But getting more fluent each day is already a big plus and I absolutely love it! The work tasks are also getting easier as me and the other intern are getting more and more practice, meaning we also learn to work faster and more efficiently. Everyone in there …